Friday, June 25, 2004

Typing by Touch

Ok, this is a rather inane post, but I thought I would write about something that has always facinated me. Typing by Touch. It's something that many of us do, at least to some extent, but really how often do you think about the fact that you are doing it, untill someone else points out "wow, how can you type like that". One of my friends proudly exclaims that she types using the "columbus method" which is, as she humerously describles "typing by search and discovery". In a related note, I've been interested in learning the DVorak keyboard layout. The primary reason that I have, thus far, avoided learning it, is that typing by touch seems to be more muscle memory than any sort of actual knowlege that one attains, and since most keyboard layours use the QWERTY layout, I'm afraid that while it may be benefifial at home, it would inhibit my ability to type on other keyboards. Oh well. I require sleep.


Blogger non-anonomous said...

I stopped by and read through some of your writings here, and wanted to say you are a well thought out writer. your stories flow out straightforwardly and concisely.
The dvorak vs qwerty one here made me think back on some reading that I had done on that subject albeit very limited. And I certainly am not one to want to detract from your thoughts.
But in the readings I have done, the only positive thing I've ever found out about dvorak being superior seems to only come from dvorak and another author who's name eludes me. but I believe every other claim that has been made has all been made based on those 2 sources. Although I am sure there are others surely. qwerty does survive from it's origin as a solution to key jams on typewriters this is true, but it's a known and widely used standard and seeing as how most of us know how to type using this method I can't imagine going to the trouble to relearn on a non standard layout that I wouldn't find at any other machine I sat down at.

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