Thursday, June 17, 2004

If I ruled the world (part 1)

You know, I think everyone thinks that they could do a better job than anyone else if they were given absolute control over the world, and I'm sure that this is because any given person is always more able to server their own needs better than anyone else, give the resources of an entire world. I'm sure that if I ruled the world, no matter if it were a utopia or a distopia, you would be able to do better, but let's give thought to what I would do if I were to rule the world.

The first thing I would do, if I ruled the world, would be to abolish all corperations and businesses, and funnel all their funds into a central repository. Not because I'm a communist, but because to make the world better we have to start back at square one. Everyone would go back to zero in my new world, the government would run the infrastructure at first. Of course there would be no laws against starting a business or owning property, competition is always good, but everyone would have an equal chance to start out with.

Education would be the next thing I would invest time in, if I ruled the world. A Utopia is build on the backs of learned citizens. The education system, in america at least needs heavy revision. The biggest problem with education I think, is the delusion that we are all equal. We are not. That is not to say that any person has more intrensic worth than any other, but we are all born with unique abilities, and to treat everyone the same is to relegate everyone to mediocraty. Some people are smarter than others, some people are faster, taller, prettier, more artistic, these gifts should be encouraged.

If I ruled the world, the law would dictate that only the spirit of the law should be obeyed, exploiting loopholes in the law should carry a most severe punishment.

If I ruled the world, everyone should be educated on the cultures, religions, and lifestyles of others, intolerance is a pestilence that rots at the core of a Utopia.

If I ruled the world, voting would be mandatory.

If I ruled the world, people would be encouraged to critizise me, it's easy to be out of touch when you rule the world.

I'll finish this later.


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